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How to Strobe / Highlight

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Strobing / Highlighting techniques in makeup:
So strobing is the new trendy thing that girls are doing these days. Well ! Strobing is the name given to highlighting. It’s the intense highlighting that girls are doing these days. It’s a highlighting to another level, layering highlight on top of each other to really give your face an intense glow. It’s very youthful and gives your skin a dewy glow. It looks so good in summer and spring. Familiar with the word “strobing” now?

So lets get started with It’s application techniques:
You are going to layer quite good amount of highlighters on each other to get that strobe effect. Always start out with a cream because I find when I apply cream highlighter the first everything else sticks out to this a lot more and the highlights you apply on top is going to be more vibrant just like you do when applying cream eyeshadow first to make a good base for the color. So cream base holds up the powders and that’s what you want in this technique.

Use your finger to apply cream highlighter. Cream highlighters works very well with the help of your fingers because your fingers have natural heat to them that helps to blend the cream products and blend easily on the skin. So apply the highlighter anywhere the light hits your face AKA high points of your face which you want to highlight ( above the brow bone, on the cheek bone, bridge of the nose and cupids bow ) any part that you want to come forward that’s what you want to accentuate with your highlight.

Say you want to highlight your cheek bone so apply it on that and you would feel the bone of your cheek while applying so that’s where you want to apply the product as you can see in the picture. ( Do not highlight your face if you have pores )

You can also apply above your brow bone right where the light in hitting your brow.

Also on the tip of the nose, if you want to give yourself more lifted nose so highlight so you would apply highlight just on the tip of the nose.

You can also apply highlight on the cupids bow of your lips to give yourself the illusion of having fuller lips

You also want to apply little bit on the chin

After using cream highlight just apply powder highlight on the areas you want and the strobing is done .
Best cream highlighter that I recommend is the  Strobe Cream by Makeup Revolution 

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