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How to Choose Right Lipstick WRT Your Skin Tone

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How to choose right lipstick for you:

We all know how overwhelmed the makeup counters become when it comes to select a lipstick  with its endless palette of lipsticks ,glosses and stains. This blog will teach you how to choose right lip color that match your skin tone, outfit and the occasion .

Step 1
1.Determine Your Skin Tone:
Take a look and examine your skin in natural lighting to determine your complexion : fair, light, medium, tan or deep.
  •       Fair Skin: when your skin is very pale or translucent and you burn very easily. You may have some freckles and redness.

  •        Light Skin: when your skin is pale. When you burn then tan.

  •     Medium: when you tan easily and generally don’t burn or have sensitive skin
  •       Tan: when your skin is tan an olive ,you rarely burn and look tan even in the winter.

  •        Deep: your skin is dark and you never sunburned. Your hair is probably black or dark brown.

2. Look at the color of your veins on the inside of your wrist:
  •          Blue or purple veins indicate you have a cool skin tone.

  •          Green veins mean you have a warm skin tone.

  •          If you have difficulty deciding if your veins are blue or green, you likely have a neutral skin tone and can choose colors from both the cool and warm spectrum. People with olive skin usually have neutral undertones

Step 2
Choosing an everyday color:
  •          Find a color that is one to two shades deeper than your lip color . To test how close the shade is your natural color, apply the lipstick only to your lower lip. Compare that shade to your upper lip. If the drastically different, you need to keep looking.

Decide with shades that experts recommend for your complexion and skin tone:
  •          If you have fair or light skin, try light pink, coral, peach, nudes, or beige. If you have cool undertones, try a soft mocha and nude. Warm undertones, try pale pinks or a nude with a little peach.

  •          If you have medium skin, try rose, mauve, or berry shades.Cool undertones: try shades of pink or cranberry. Warm undertones: experiment with copper or bronze.

  •          If you have tan skin, try to avoid browns and purples and go for colors with an orange undertone. Most other colors will look great. Try coral, or deep pink.

  •          If you have a deep complexion, try browns or purples like walnut, caramel, plum, or wine.Cool undertones should look for ruby and wine-colored reds. Warm undertones: try copper or bronze.

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