How to Become a Natural Beauty

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We try to look beautiful, but sometimes end up looking a tad artificial. This article not only highlights the ideas of a natural beauty but also reflects on enhancing yourself, body and mind.

So follow the following tips to be beautiful naturally:

Be confident

Show confidence that you are beautiful and don’t be nervous . The most efficient way is by eating a balanced diet and also getting plenty of exercise.

Clean Up your skin

Embrace your face. Learn to accept and love your skin even if it is not clear or even toned. You can use natural products such as Shea butter for more even skin tone, rosemary oil for acne, tea tree oil for inflamed acne, and witch hazel for a calming affect on redness.

Have healthy hair

Make sure to give attention to your hair,  haircut and color. And make them beautiful by taking care of them and nourish them with oils time to time. No hair type is unattractive. Avoid curling/flat irons. Heat damages your hair so much.

Go makeup free

It is not important to put lots of makeup on to look prettier . If your skin is nice and clean and you have beautiful glowing skin tone then you can go without makeup .

Get active and do exercise

Be body conscious, but never obsess. You don't need the fancy diet programs advertised on TV nor do you need to belong to those health clubs that are popping up everywhere. Just do you. Exercise what you enjoy. Exercise also makes you feel more confident and happy because it releases hormones called endorphins.

Get enough sleep

Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! It is wonderful and we don't do it nearly enough. Aim for the bare minimum 6 and a half hours of sleep and shoot for 9-10 hours. Set a regular bedtime such as 21:00 and don't eat two hours before bed, stay away from caffeine. If you have a cup of coffee an hour before bed... you're in for a restless night. 

Be Happy and Smile 

Smiling face is always appealing and looks beautiful so make yourself happy by pampering yourself by doing mentioned steps and you are in fact a natural beauty created by Allah.

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