Starters Makeup Equipment ( Makeup Kit To Start With)

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Hey! My Beautiful Readers

Being well organized is essential. Whether you are a minimalist whose makeup kit rarely hold more than a lipstick  and powder or you are working makeup artist who routinely totes around a complete collection of cosmetics, it takes a plan.

Basic Home Makeup:
Organize your makeup in your bathroom drawer ,on top of some counter ,or in a box. Keep basics and items used only occasionally separate. At least twice a year make sure your colors and formulas are working. Basics include:

Concealers and correctors
Foundations or BB creams
Eye shadows (three or four basic colors)
Eyeliners ( gel or pencil)
Blush (powder or cream)
Lipstick, gloss ,Lip pencil

Everyday makeup bag:
Pack the following essentials in small bag:

One or two palettes that has your foundation , concealer ,blush and lipstick
A compact pressed powder with a mirror
A basic eye palette (smaller one)
Mini mascara
Mini brushes
Small sample size face cream
Take care Readers :)

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