6 Beauty Habits That We Should Stop Doing

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Beauty Habits That We Should Stop Doing:

Hey Everyone! Hope you all doing good. Do you have any bad habits? I know I have quite a few, and every year I resolve that I’m going to break some of them, trying to make myself a better person! So here are some beauty habits that we are probably doing wrong.

Stop Buffing Your Nails
 “When there is time to clean and do your nails especially while applying regular nail polish Buffering nail is not necessary .Nail polish adheres to the nail best when it's a smooth, rather than an etched, surface. Also, constant buffing of the nail for every manicure will cause your nails to thin out. So file and push your cuticles, but skip the buffing”

 Stop Skipping Moisturizer
So if you have oily skin naturally then you skip applying moisturizer is a very bad habit. Even an oily skin wants moisturizer because the shine and oil present naturally on their face are not giving them a moisture that are not equal to a moisturizer. So do not skip Moisturizer No matter which skin type you have.

Washing Your Face After Using Makeup Wipes
Yeah I know when we clean our makeup using wipes we found that so relaxing naturally. Sleeping in your makeup and the grime of the day is a recipe for clogged pores and lackluster skin. You might think you're doing your face a favor by using a face cleansing wipe, but it turns out those face wipes aren't helping your skin. Instead, they're only removing a portion of the makeup and dirt, while leaving behind potentially irritating residue. So don’t forget to wash your  face after using wipes . Trust me it just takes more 5 minutes.

Don’t forget using protective Hair Sprays
You're probably forgetting to protect your hair from heat styling, one of the biggest causes of damage. Every bit of heat adds to the damage, turning your hair into straw. Apply a heat protectant every time you style! Avoid heat styling every day if possible and keep the temperature under 400 degrees if you can.

 Stop Using Dirty Brushes:
It does not a take more than 10 minutes to wash your regular used brushes once a week. Unwashed brushes are a perfect breeding ground for both bacterial and mold, and using them can certainly cause a skin infection or contact dermatitis.  Also it reduces the pigmentation of the makeup you are applying with that dirty brushes.

 Stop Ignoring Eye Brows:

 Have you ever seen someone with perfect hair and makeup, yet something about them feels unfinished? Usually it is because they've forgotten about their eyebrows. Filling in brows helps to frame your eyes and complete the entire look, pulling it all together, even if it is just a few swipes with a brow pencil.

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