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How To Do Different Eyeliner looks For Daily Routine

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For a perfect everyday look you'll just need an eyeliner and different techniques of using it . A thin steady line hugging the upper lashes and angling out can add enough drama to eyes.

  • There are several factors to consider when you are choosing an eyeliner - what color, texture, and mode of application  you want. Eyeliner typically comes in either a pencil, cream, or liquid application form.
  • For the smoothest, finest line use a cream eyeliner (applied with an eyeliner brush) or a liquid eyeliner. These are the easiest to control and apply close to the lash line.If you want a smudgy, blurred effect, use an eyeliner pencil.

Basic liner

Step 1: Create a dotted line along your lash line.

Use your eyeliner to create a small dotted line directly above your lashes on your upper eyelid.Make sure that the dots are close to the base of your eyelid.

Step 2: Connect the dots.

Now draw a line connecting the dots you have drawn .Use the shorter lines to help create an even, non-bumpy line. 

Step 3: Finish the line.

Make sure that each of the dots has been connected, and that the ends of the line taper slightly instead of ending in a blunt, rounded dot.

Cat eye liner

Step 1: Create a winged line outwards.

As mentioned above create a basic eyeliner first and then draw a wing line on upper lash line.
It should be drawn upwards towards the end of your eyebrow, and tapered to give the illusion of extra long eyelashes.

Step 2:Create second layer.

Use two layers of eyeliner to create a colorful cat eye. Do one layer of black eyeliner winged outwards, and then apply another in a different color directly over the top.If you don't want 
a colorful look then skip this step.

Smokey eyeliner

Step 1: Draw a basic eye liner with an eyeliner pencil.

Draw a basic eyeliner as mentioned above.It's not supposed  to be the perfect line as we
are going to smudge it afterwards.

Step 2: Smudge your eyeliner.

 For a smoky, blurred look, use your finger to smudge your eyeliner along your upper lash line. Don’t rub it in, but just smear it slightly so that the line isn’t very distinct. Only use this effect on the upper lash line, as doing so on the bottom will make it look like you are wearing old makeup.

Step 3: Line your lower lash line.

For a smokey look.draw a line on your lower lash line as well with an eyeliner pencil and smudge it using a suitable brush.

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