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Beauty Hacks Every Girl Need to Know Ep # 2

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Hey everyone! I have done part one of these hacks here now i am sharing other hacks that are also useful for us. I have picked them from pinterest and also from Google obviously! so here they are I hope you all like them.

Use Coconut Oil as a makeup remover:

Coconut oil is one of my favorite things to have. It helps to remove your makeup and also to nourish your eyelashes. I personally use this thing to remove my makeup specially eye makeup
. so it has helped to grow my lashes longer and to make them stronger. It just awesome and one bottle of coconut oil lasts long as well.

Blow dry your hair upside down:

I used to blow dry my hair just straight down. But they did not look straight and it reduces the volume of my hair. Then I discovered to blow dry them upside down. It actually made my hair look straight and gave them volume. I believe this hack works due to the gravity that pulls our hair down and if you are blow drying it makes them straight.

Make your lipstick Matte :

Well we all love wearing lipstick and when it has bright color and gloss to it sometimes it is hard for us to take care of as it can be a mess on our face. So make your lipstick matte by taking a piece of tissue and place them on your lips now take translucent powder or setting powder and brush that onto the tissue paper. This would make your lipstick matte and you are good to go and wear it all day long.

Spray your bobby pins:

I am sure you guys have already heard of this trick. Just hairspray your bobby pins and make them sticky to your hair so that your hairstyle stays in place for a long time. For more grip just use your bobby pins upside down so that the ridges go against your head it stays a lot longer.

Use baby shampoo to clean makeup brushes:

Instead of buying all those brush cleansers just use baby shampoo to clean them and run them in water. It cleans it so well . The baby shampoo is so gentle on your expensive brushes and its super gentle to your skin so it’s not gon’na cause you to break out. It’s one of my favorite.

Use your finger for less pigmented eye shadows :

Well there are always some eyeshades in our collection that are no so pigmented and we try so hard to build up that color with brush. So use your finger to apply that eyeshade on to your eyes. This picks up the pigment a lot better.

 Use coffee and coconut oil as an exfoliator:

It’s a DIY exfoliator that just has coffee and coconut oil just mix these to ingredients and exfoliate your skin with them. It’s anti-inflammatory it helps with redness , puffiness on your skin and it makes your skin so smooth.

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