How To Grow Your Nails Fast

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How to grow nails fast:
It always looks cute when you have longer and stronger nails. When you have longer nails, all the manicures and nail art you do looks good on your hands. And when your hands look beautiful it adds up in your personality. So here are the few tips that I have learnt to grow my nails stronger and faster.

No.1 Massage cuticles and nails:
When it comes to the moisture of our body and face we take a good care of their moisture. But we have not thought about to moisturize our nails. They also need enough moisture to be strong and healthy. So use coconut oil or any other oil to moisturize your nails, that really helps. Also massage your cuticles and around a nails helps blood circulation around your nails and it helps to grow your nails.

No.2 Apply Basecoats:
Don’t leave a naked nail that would be more prone to break or get the cut easily. So apply a layer of nail hardener, basecoat or any other polish to protect the nails from breakage. Do not forget to use the basecoat before applying any other polish. 

No.3 Push your cuticles:
To make your nails grow fast you need to push your cuticles back. Apply cuticle oil and then push them back to make your nail grow faster. It also looks cute when you apply any nail polish after pushing cuticles back. It looks good on the clearer nail.
·         Note: Do not push try to over push them to the very end of the nail. Remember cuticles are there to protect your nails from the infections.

No.4 Shape your nails:
You need to shape your nails in order to prevent them from breaking. The best thing to shape your nail is sand filer that files your nail quite good as compared to the hard nail filers which may cause to break your nails. So make sure you use sand nail filer.

No.5 Use protective gloves:
The main cause of breaking nails is when you are washing the dishes. When your nails are constantly under water and they become softer and easy to get a cut on them. So make sure you use a pair of gloves to protect your lovely nails.

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