Eye Makeup

Perfect Eye Makeup

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Eye makeup can define how natural or dramatic your look is. Whether you want to learn a process you can use every day or look stunning for a special occasion, proper application of eye makeup is a useful skill that can both impress your peers and help you look and feel your best.

Step no.1 Start with cleansing

Always start your makeup by cleansing your skin. If you're having trouble removing residual eye makeup, try using cold water or regular lotion on a cotton swab.

Step no.2 Apply primer

 Apply primer to your eyelids(optional). Primer or base smoothes out your skin and gives the makeup something to stick to. If you do choose to use primer, apply it all over your eyelid and up to the brow bone.

Step no.3 Even out the skin tone around your eyes.

Apply concealer to dark under-eye circles and to the area where your inner eye meets your nose.

Step no.4 Now apply eye shadows.
 Apply a dark color on your crease. Use light, little strokes to deposit little bits of darker powder on the crease of your eye. Go from the outer corner of your crease and follow the arch about 2/3 of the way in toward the inner corner of the eye. Try a violet, brown or other dark color that matches up with the first two colors you used.

Step no.5  Blend all colors together.

If you applied more than one color of eyeshadow, use your fingers or a fluffy, tapered blending brush to mix the colors a bit. This will create a more natural, cohesive look.

Step no.6 Apply Eyeliner

You can use liquid eyeliner, a liner pencil, or even wet eyeshadow on an angled brush to line your eyes. Whatever you pick, move across your upper lash line in tiny, controlled strokes as if you're drawing a dotted line. Go back and fill in the blanks with more small strokes. For more drama, line your lower lashes as well.

Step no.7 Curl your lashes.

Use an eyelash curler to grip your upper lashes. Hold the clamp for about five seconds. Accessing your lashes is easiest if you half-close your eyes. Remember, always curl before you apply mascara, never after.

Step no.8 Apply Mascara

You can apply a little or a lot, and there are many different brands and formulas for volume, length and definition. Start at the base of your upper lashes and slowly sweep upward.  For a more dramatic effect, apply mascara to the lower lashes as well.


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