Review on Dazz Matazz Nail Varnish!

04:10:00 Sahar Shafiq 0 Comments

Hey there! Today I have decided to write for one of my favourite makeup brand that is Dazz matazz.  
I have not owned there whole collection. In fact I have just tried there nail varnishes AKA nail polishes.  I am pretty impressed as of there quality and pigmentation. I have just picked 4 colors for testing and I like them so much.There are 50 total shades for the selection.
They are affordable nail paints. They actually are long lasting for couple of days without chipping. I know how it feels when you just had done your nails spending an hour on and it gets chipped just after a while. So that’s not the case with these nail paints.Its available in Pakistan for 295 to 310 Rupees.

Shade No. 26

This is a very shiny top coat that makes your nail paints last long.

Shade No. 17
This is a very cute pink shade with a blue undertone that looks super cute on nails and this color is best for summers 

Shade No. 28
This color is bright orange that suits on every hand. This color is perfect of summers to rock on a party.

Shade No. 48
This color is dark purple and its very shiny that creates a bold nails. This color is perfect for winters .

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