How to do makeup for a school or college casual look

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A school day is always fun. But if you add some glamour to it by make up ,then it gives you  more confidence and it gets even more  exciting. As the saying goes "Makeup is self confidence applied directly on face."


So here are some basic and essential steps for a casual school look:

Step # 1 Moisturize Your Face

Just moisturize your face a little. Nothing too heavy that it 'll look oily afterwards. Just use little amount of your favorite moisturizer.

Step # 2 Apply concealer

Now apply little dots of concealer underneath your eyes, to cover that awkward eye bags or dark circles. It will give your face a nice and even look.

Step # 3 Use a foundation

As you know its just a school day nothing too fancy, then just apply little bit of foundation to your face and blend it very nicely so that it should look natural on your face.

Step # 4 Define your eye brows

Take an eyebrow pencil, or just a soft eyeliner pencil to line your eye brows. It will immediately make your eyes look bigger,and more defined.

Step # 5 Apply eyeliner or kajal

Line your eyes with soft black eyeliner and smudge that with a brush. Don't  create some harsh lines with liquid eyeliner, as it will go overboard for a casual school day. So try to do as minimum as you can to look cute.

Step # 6 Add blush 

Now blush is a must ,so don't leave this step. Brush natural pink or peach color on apple of your cheeks. It will instantly give you a nice and a natural makeup look.

Step # 7 Apply lip color

You can either use a lipstick or a lip-gloss of any color you want but preferably use  light colors to complete your look.

You are ready to go to school or college now :)

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