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How to choose right Foundation color:

06:15:00 Sahar Shafiq 1 Comments

How to choose right Foundation color:
One of the biggest mistake that a lot of us Pakistani/Indian women make is sadly choosing the wrong foundation. I blame those girls on the cosmetics counters  who actually sell their own product. When they see the darker girl and they don’t have such shades that matches that skin tone. They just try to sell anything. Now there are some brands that sale darker color or the colors that matches our skin tone perfectly e.g Maybelline, Mac, Makeup Forever, Loreal, Kryolan, Massarrat Misbah ,Luscious.

Now the best trick to match a perfect color foundation to your skin tone is to get the foundation that perfectly matches your neck. Now what mistake we do is that we match the foundation on back of our hand that is totally wrong our hands are not always as same color as our face. But when we match that with our neck that’s a perfect color that will blend nicely in our face towards the neck and give us an even toned skin. So that’s how you can get a perfect foundation color.

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