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Color Correction For Flawless Looking Skin

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All About Color Correcting on Skin Tones :

What is Color Correction?

Hey! My beautiful readers, hope you all doing good. Now all the social networks like instagram and youtube are hyped with those tutorials in which Beauty Gurus are applying some strange colors like Orange or Red under their eyes and using Green on some parts of their faces. It seems insane at first glance and then covering up with concealer and foundation it gives that flawless looking face. So what’s that called is Color Correction!!!

How color correction works?
Now we all have studied in our kinder garden that color wheels that still looks so cute to us (girls). So as we can see there are some Warm toned colors (family of Red And Yellow) and Cool tone colors (Family of Green and Purple) so for the sake of color correction we need to make colors Neutral. And when we make it neutral that creates a perfect canvas to glide that skin tone foundations and skin tone concealers without making our face greyish . You people know what I mean by greyish :P

Methods of color Correcting:
Judge your undertones and how your zits and dark circles looks like. Yeah I know they Look horrible sometimes But I am talking about their color. If dark circles are Purple under toned you can cancel it out using orange  concealer or color corrector . You can use lighter or darker shades of orange depending on how deep or sheer your dark circles are.

Now coming towards that Zits and Acne . They are usually Red so cancel that out with Green color as that is opposite color of Red . You can use lighter or darker shades of Greens depending on the type of redness you have on your acne.

How To Finish Color Correcting:
You can finish color correcting by setting it with translucent powder and then put some regular toned concealer and then foundation on it. That will give a flawless and Even Toned Skin.

Products For Color Correction :

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