How to do makeup for a natural look

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A fresh face is always in style. If you're easing yourself into makeup or would simply like to try something new, the 'natural look' will be perfect for you. Of course, even the natural look takes a little bit of time and practice.

Step 1: Start with a clear and clean skin. First thing 's first, do a little cleansing on your skin. If you don't know the method just start with cleaning your face with cotton ball dabbing that in water or makeup remover. And then simply tone and moisturize with suitable products daily.

Step 2: Apply concealer. As we know we all have blemishes,dark spots and breakouts.In these situations we need to conceal that bad area using a concealer. Concealer is a product that helps cover and camouflage dark circles and blemishes on the face. Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone.

  • Set concealer with powder that is one shade lighter than your skin.
  • Avoid using concealer stick that is too white, pinky, or ashy.

Step 3: Try to skip the foundation. Here it depends upon your skin tone . If your skin tone is even then you don't need to apply foundation at all or less is more. Remember you are just creating an even skin tone not a cakey face.

  • If you have oily skin and want to wear foundation, choose an oil-free foundation.
  • If you want to wear foundation, go light and natural. The foundation should match the skin color of your neck.
  • The key point of flawless foundation is to blend it really well in your face as well as neck.
Step 4: Use powder only if you have an oily skin.Just like a foundation, use powder if you have oily pores in your skin .And really blend that with your powder brush.

  • Never use the same brush for multiple makeup types.
Step 5: Apply eyeliner ,mascara and comb brows. You just need to comb and set your brows with a brow brush or clean mascara brush.Then apply thin line of eyeliner around the lids of the eyes to define the eyes.Go for brown or light grey or even purple. Wear black on special occasions or at the weekend, when you want to look extra special.At the end apply a coat of mascara with its brush to pop your eyelashes.

  • Apply the liner on the lower lash line and smudge with a cotton swab.
  • Black eyeliner is not for everybody. It can make your eyes look smaller. The smaller your eyes, the lighter your liner should be.
  • Be careful of clumping mascara. Wiggling the brush can help your lashes not to clump.

Step 6: Brush on some blush on your cheeks. Always prefer a natural look wearing a blush.Go with natural pinks and peach colors and just give a touch of color to your cheeks .

  • To apply the blush, smile to find the apples of your cheeks (the round parts). Brush a light amount on your apple, then your nose, forehead, and chin.
Step 7: Swipe on your lip gloss. Lip gloss gives you a natural color while adding shimmer. If you want a bit of color, try a lip tint. Go for soft pinks or tans. Avoid dark colors; they will give you a hard, old look.

 And there should be your natural and complete makeup look.

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